Consume These Foods For Smooth Digestion


Avocado contains a single fat which is not only good for the diet process, but its fiber content is also good for smooth digestion. If you have difficulty defecating, consume one avocado and wait an hour or two. After that, you are dying to defecate.


Bananas have a high fiber content, which is good for human digestion. This fiber content will later stimulate the intestines to contract, so that the good bacteria in the digestive system will work optimally to process food debris. Thus, the intestines become clean, and digestion will be smoother if you are diligent in eating bananas every day.


The content of vitamin C in lemons can improve human digestion. Because, vitamin C is able to break down and convert food scraps into feces which will later be excreted through the digestive tract. Drink lemon juice every morning before breakfast so that the remnants …