Got the Flu? Try These 10 Tips to Ease Symptoms

With uncommon exceptions, the CDC recommends that everybody ages 6 months and older ought to be vaccinated against flu.

The flu vaccine provides protection from the flu and its potential issues, which may end up in hospitalization and typically dying. If you might be typically healthy, right here’s how to tell in case you have a chilly or the flu, and when to hunt medical care. They usually are not the same illness and the virus causing these ailments are very totally different.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that flu-associated deaths in the US ranged from about 3000 to forty nine,000 annually between 1976 and 2006. The CDC notes that the customarily-cited determine of 36,000 annual flu-related deaths was derived from years when the predominant virus subtype was H3N2, which tends to be extra lethal than H1N1.

In the United States, as of early January 2020, influenza B/Victoria was the predominant pressure through the flu season, adopted by A(H1N1)pdm09. Influenza A(H3N2) and B/Yamagata viruses had been reported to be circulating at very low ranges. The incubation period of influenza ranges from 1 to four days.

How do I know if I have the flu?


Most people who get influenza feel sick for every week or two and recuperate. In some individuals, the flu leads to more serious lung infections or to worsening of underlying situations, such as coronary heart failure or emphysema. If you receive an influenza vaccination, you might be more likely to be protected against the flu for a year. Even if the vaccine fails to prevent you from getting the flu, it’ll make its signs much less extreme.

The criterion normal for confirming influenza virus an infection is reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) testing or viral tradition of nasopharyngeal or throat secretions. However, culture may require 3-7 days, yielding results long after the affected person has left the clinic, workplace, or emergency department and properly previous the time when drug remedy might be efficacious.

  • That means, no more chewing, swallowing, or gulping water.
  • They can also spread when people touch one thing lined with infected droplets after which touch their eyes, mouth, or nostril.
  • It sometimes produces a gentle respiratory illness in adults.
  • Your physician may diagnose you based mostly on your indicators and signs.
  • The antibodies from the flu shot shield towards viruses which might be in the vaccine.

Enhanced surveillance with daily temperature taking and prompt reporting with isolation through home medical go away and segregation of smaller subgroups decrease the spread of influenza. The incubation interval of influenza is 2 days long on common however could range from 1 to 4 days in size. Influenza B virtually solely infects people and is less frequent than Type A. However, youngsters may be affected more severely if they get sort B flu.

The virus that causes COVID-19 is a coronavirus, not an influenza virus that caused the Spanish flu and the other influenza pandemics listed above. But testing have to be accomplished throughout the first three days of illness.

Besides humans, influenza additionally infects quite a lot of animal species. Some of those influenza strains are species-particular, however new strains could spread from other animals to humans (see Pathophysiology).


Children should not take aspirin if they’ve the flu or any viral infection. The flu vaccine, or “flu shot,” can cut back the chance of getting the flu by serving to the body fight off or increase its immunity to the flu virus. Contact your CF care middle or doctor’s workplace as soon as you are feeling flu-like signs. Antiviral drugs used to deal with folks for the flu are most effective if taken inside 24 hours of the start of symptoms.

If you could have the flu, you’ll have a sudden headache, dry cough and you might need a runny nostril and a sore throat. Your muscle tissue will ache, you will be very drained, and you can have a fever up to 104° F (40° C).

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You can also want a health care provider’s examination to inform if you have an an infection that is a complication of the flu. You can also get the flu by touching something with the flu virus on it, then touching your mouth or nostril. You can spread the flu earlier than you understand you’re sick and when you’re sick.