What is Flu?

How the virus is unfold

Symptoms embrace fever; chills; and yellow, inexperienced, or brown sputum (nasal discharge). Influenza is contagious, which means it may be unfold easily from individual to individual.

The flu shot incorporates only killed influenza viruses A and B. The different is a live attenuated influenza virus, or weakened, vaccine (LAIV) that well being care providers squirt into the nose.

What Is the Flu and What Can Be Done to Prevent It

Viruses that cause influenza spread from person to person mainly by droplets of respiratory fluids sent through the air when somebody infected with the virus coughs or sneezes. Other individuals inhale the airborne virus and may become infected.


  • Second, national charges of influenza-related hospitalizations and in-hospital demise were adjusted for the frequency of influenza testing and the sensitivity of influenza diagnostic assays, utilizing a multiplier approach3.
  • According to the CDC, present vaccinations are likely to work better towards influenza B and influenza A (H1N1) viruses and provide lower protection in opposition to influenza A (H3N2) viruses.
  • You can get vaccinated as soon as the vaccine turns into obtainable within the late summer season or early fall.
  • For example, as a result of your physique is busy preventing off the flu, you would possibly choose up a second an infection.
  • In most instances, the illness is delicate; however, some subtypes may be pathogenic and rapidly kill birds inside 48 hours.

Each year within the U.S. on average, influenza and its related issues lead to approximately 226,000 hospitalizations and almost 24,000 deaths. Combined with pneumonia, influenza is the nation’s eighth main cause of demise. You can help keep away from getting and spreading influenza by getting vaccinated annually.

Symptoms of the flu embrace fever, nonproductive cough, sore throat, fatigue, body aches, headache, and runny nose. The flu might worsen underlying medical situations corresponding to asthma, and might result in problems similar to pneumonia.

The very young, the very previous, and those in the high-risk groups are in danger for complications requiring hospitalization. This need not be a physician’s workplace or hospital, nor is there a prescribed 30-minute statement period after receiving the vaccine. One is the injectable vaccine (often known as the flu shot) created from inactivated virus.


The flu is a common infectious illness caused by influenza (flu) viruses. Seasonal flu generally occurs in the fall and winter and is caused by human influenza viruses. Reduce the spread of the virus to people at excessive threat for extreme complications of the flu (high-danger teams). Those who reside or work with people who are at high danger of flu complications ought to get a flu vaccine to keep from spreading the flu to them. Influenza, generally known as the ‘flu’, is a severe respiratory illness that’s easily unfold and can result in severe complications, even demise.

Most individuals who get the flu will recuperate inside 1 to 2 weeks, however some people are at risk of growing issues similar to pneumonia. On common, about 3,500 Canadians die each year from complications of influenza, and over 12,000 are hospitalized. Most of those individuals have other medical conditions, are seniors, or are very younger children.